Louise has been involved in architecture in one form or another ever since she first started reading houseplans in her local newspaper, creating her own plans, and building her own dollhouse.

This childhood interest turned into a professional career when she returned to school in 2000 to get a professional degree in architecture from the University of Minnesota, a Master’s of Architecture. She also has degrees in Environmental Studies and History.

Since then she has worked in several smaller firms, designing and drafting for both residential and commercial projects. She has discovered a love for both the design and the drafting aspects of architecture.


The process on residential remodels is a collaborative one, where the client controls the extent of involvement. The best designs are where the initial designs are received, and the client comes back with more ideas based on the original designs. The final design is a collaborative effort between designer and homeowner, and reflects the owner’s interests and needs.

The process starts with a free consultation. The client then decides whether or not to go forward. The next step is to take photos and/or measurements, and drawings of the existing conditions are created. Schematic designs are created, and reviewed with the client.

From this point, every project varies:
The client could decide this is all that was needed.
It could result in revised and/or new design ideas.
It could go to be a bid set for builders.
It could become a permit set for the city permit office.
It could become a construction documents set.

In all of this, Louise is firmly committed to design that is beautiful, functional and livable. Try her out!

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